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Support for foreigners

Support for foreigners and Japanese company wishing to employ or gain employment. This applies to foreigners registered with status of residence, working, permanent residence or spousal visas.
Our office is certified by the Ministry of Justice to administer licenses to foreigners. As a specialist in this field. Please contact us anytime for information.

Visa for a long term resident.
(excluding Temporary Visitor Status)
Certificate of Eligibility for a Status of Residence
・ Request for interpreters or translators.
・ Request for foreign engineers.
・ Request for Chinese or French chefs.
・ Certificate for a person intending to start a
  business in Japan.
People with a valid work eligible visa.
Or people who were granted a specialist visa.
Permission to engage in an activity other than that permitted by the status of residence previously granted
・ Foreigners with a status of Residence and whose family
 wishes to work part time.
・ Foreign students who are eligible to work and wish to
 work part-time.
Have a status of residence permitting them to work
Permission to certificate of Authorized employment
・ Acquire Certificate of Authorized employment in order
  to change of job
Support on changing of status of residence
Permission to change status of residence
・ Wish to employ foreigners on student visas.
・ Wish to employ foreigners on working holiday visas
・ People who have divorced a Japanese spouse.
・ People whose Japanese spouse has passed away.
Wish to maintain their current status of Residence.
Permission to change status of residence
・ Wish to employ maintain employment with their current
・ Wish to change their place of employment.
Wish to change to either long term residence or permanent residence visa.
Permission for long term residence
Permission for permanent residence
・ Have experience working for a long time in Japan.
・ Japanese spouse has either passed away or are now
A person renounces Japanese nationality or when a baby is born in Japan
Permission to acquire a status of residence
・ Foreign employer in Japan has had a child born here. 
Permission for naturalization of residence
・ Acquire Japanese nationality.
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